The Chongsheng Temple was built in the south of Fengyou and was extended to 890 rooms, 11,400 Buddha statues, three pavilions, seven floors, nine halls and hundreds of buildings . He is called "Buddha". All. "Among the 22nd generation Dali kings, nine of them went to the Chongsheng Temple to become monks there.

The Chongsheng Temple was destroyed by the Ming and Qing dynasties, encirclement by the Du Wenxiu Qing army, the Cultural Revolution and the other five towers. In 2005, the Dali tourism group rebuilt the Chongsheng Temple, which cost a total of 182 million yuan. The Chongsheng Temple covers an area of ​​600 mu, 1136 meters long from east to west, 352 meters from north to south and 2,080 square meters. The abbot is the executive vice president of the Chinese Buddhist Association, Sheng Hui.

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